Continuing to Do Yoga While Travelling

Doing yoga may be one of the things that you usually do at home. It is already easy to do yoga because you already know the schedule when you are going to do it properly. You may want to do it before you go to work or you may also choose to do it after work so that you can unwind after.

It may be easy to find time to do yoga as long as you are at home but can you still say the same things when you are travelling? It can be different already. Do remember that doing yoga does not have to be confined in one place alone. You might say that you cannot do yoga while travelling because you usually take yoga classes in a studio but do you know that you can take yoga anywhere as long as you are determined?


There are certain strategies that you can do so that yoga while travelling will still be possible:

  1. Make Use of Proper Tools to Do Yoga – It can be much harder for you to do yoga when you do not have your yoga mat with you or your yoga clothes. They will not take up a lot of space and at the same time, it can help you create the feel of being at home. This will help you do yoga even when you are in a different place. You can check out more items here.
  2. Light a Candle – If you usually light a candle before you do yoga, lighting a candle in order to help you get in the mood to do yoga will help. Make sure that you will use the same candle scent that you usually light before doing yoga. This will surely help set the mood.
  3. Find Proper Space to Do Yoga – It can be harder to do yoga when you do not have the right area to do it. Remember that no matter where you are, whether you are in a hotel room or in a simple apartment that you are renting for your travel, you will surely find an area wherein doing yoga is possible.
  4. Let Go of Stress – One of the reasons why you do not want to do yoga when you are travelling is because it can be stressful. Just think about it, you will be able to let go of feelings of stress more when you do yoga.

Here are other tips that may help you to do yoga while travelling:

Do remember that you can always make some changes to your usual yoga classes in Singapore if you are tired of doing the same things. This will also help you become more dedicated in doing yoga.


How Public Speaking Courses help you to be More Travel Savvy

CaptureThere is a chance that you love to travel but how effective are you in speaking with the locals? Do you think that you are the type of traveler that locals usually talk to with ease or you are the type who would barely want to speak with locals because you are afraid that you are going to say the wrong things? You can always learn more about travelling here.

Do you know that with the help of going through Singapore public speaking courses, there is a chance that you are going to be more travel savvy? This is because when you learn the proper skills when you are public speaking, you can incorporate that with the way you speak even when you are just trying to make conversation with other people.

When you go through public speaking courses, here are some of the things that you will be more adept about:

  1. Trying to think of topics that you can use for conversation so that you will not have any problems with trying to speak with other people. Do remember that this can be different from one place to another. There are some places wherein certain topics should not be talked about. Do research about this beforehand.
  2. Speaking with other people in general. There is a chance that you would like to talk to other people so that you can ask for directions about the places that you can go to but if you are not confident enough, you may end up not speaking at all. You can learn more about this from here.
  3. Figuring out how to get the information that you are asking for. If you are not good at public speaking, it will be harder for you to convince people to give you the details that you need. You may never know you might try to ask some locals who can help you out but because they are lazy to give you directions, they will not tell you anything. If you are good in speaking, there is a greater chance that the details that you need will be given to you.

There will be times when you would have to negotiate with other people too. How will you be able to negotiate if they cannot understand what you are trying to say? You have to make sure that you will speak clearly and coherently to get people to adhere to the terms that you want regarding the tours that you like to take or the amount  of money that you have to pay for local transportation.

Do remember that when you are travelling whether you are alone or whether you are with someone else, communication is still vital. This is what you will learn here. How else will you be able to purchase the things that you need from a certain store if you do not know how to express yourself?

You have to make sure that this is one skill that you have for this is one skill that you will achieve when you let yourself be taught by the Millenial coach speaker Benjamin Loh.

With these tips in mind, being more travel savvy will be possible. Make sure to contact Benjamin Loh for the public speaking courses that you need to take. Watch this video here to learn more:


Making My Travel Blog More Popular with SEO

CaptureDo you know a lot of people who have their very own websites? It is possible that you also have your own website and as much as possible, you would like to make a website popular. There is a chance that you have some things in mind. What you would like to do is make sure that you will be able to know all the proper tips so that you can make your blog more popular than usual.

Are you not aware of the different things that you can do? You may want to hire someone for SEO services for your site. It is possible that you may want to check out Frozenrank Digital Marketing Agency Singapore to be sure. Here are some things that you ought to think about:

  • Make sure that your travel blog talks about things that you are highly interested about. If you are passionate about travelling like a backpacker, you have to make sure that all of your entries will showcase that passion. Do remember that the more passionate you are about what you write about, the better it will be for you and the people who are going to read your website.
  • Place the right content of your website beforehand. It is highly important that you will place all of the right information beforehand before you make it open to the public. When you release it without having much content, you can then expect that you will not get much traffic. Do remember that no matter how good your first entry is, you have to make sure that traffic will come back to your site because they truly like your content.
  • Adapt to change. One of the greatest mistakes that people make is they assume that once their website has already been set up, their website is already complete. It is highly important that you will be aware that there are certain changes that should be done.
  • Give a lot of attention to your design. There is a chance that you might become too focused on your content so what happens is that your website just looks like all the other websites that are available.
  • Keep everything simple. If you make everything very complicated, people will have trouble navigating your site. If they will know which links they need to click in order to see some content from your site.

With the use of these tips, people will surely find your travel blog instantly.

Your travel blog can soar high and can become highly noticeable as long as you will make use of the SEO Singapore keywords that your content should have. Make sure that you will check through Frozenrank to be sure. Get to know more about SEO and how it can help you out here:


The lone traveler is the happiest traveler

There is a saying unity in diversity or to find the exact one I would say unity makes strength but alas this is not so applicable when it comes to travelling and going for fun trip.

How to be happy solo traveler is something which is there in everyone’s mind because there is so much peace and solace involved in this whole program that is difficult to let go. It does not mean that people going with family members have to sacrifice anything when gone in bunches along with other family members but there is definitely a different charm and enthusiasm associated with going alone.

Talking about the nitty-gritties here, individuals find it very difficult to cope up with partners who are very nagging and difficult to please irrespective of what you do or end up doing. Under these circumstances the fun trip becomes a nightmare and people start regretting about making such decision of going for outing.

The biggest advantage of going solo is to have complete freedom and peace of mind. You are the sole and whole of where to go and what to do next. No one is there around you to keep nagging and giving not so welcomed ideas unnecessarily.

Solo traveling also means complete freedom in shopping. There are many shops in Singapore which are into the selling of digital locks but the one which fascinates me the most and is able to grab my attention to the highest point is none other than The website has almost all the major brands showcased in a single place to choose from.

The company has far superior name and fame around the place in Singapore primarily due to their honest dealings, bumper sales available round the year, reasonable price range and yes the most exciting and fabulous design collection of locks which is difficult to find anywhere else.

They are also known to provide post sale customer service which is so very effective, timely and precise that people go gaga about it in social media sites. For example, if you read yale digital lock singapore review then you would realize by yourself how trustworthy their services are and how much people trust them to the core.

This is the advantage that I had being a solo traveler that my visit to Singapore paid me off through this website and more so through the products that I always wanted to have but could not find the right place and right price too.


How to Boost Your English Learning

We all know that learning English can be very daunting if you are a beginner. English is a language used worldwide as a universal language. Although there are places that aren’t good at speaking English and such. But for those who have a few knowledge about it, can still improve their basic English skills.

During the previous post, I have share 5 tips to learn English faster. Since then I have look out for more tips and find that provided some tips. I have summaries the steps in improving English skills and listed them below.

learn english faster

  • 1. You can interact with native English speakers by joining any online forums. This is a good way to practice your English without leaving the house or when you’re outside the classroom. Some tips to be consider: If you are nervous about people finding out make anonymous profile. Find forums that have topics that you are interested in. And start off by reading on-going discussion.
  • 2. The ability to read a book or text clearly is simple. Sometimes you miss pronounce such word. But its okay just read it out loud and pronounce it correctly, learn from your mistakes. Practice more on reading, the more you practice fluency you get more confidence to speak in front of many people without any hesitation.Butif you are still nervous facing a big crowd start reading out loud at your home,and let yourself your own mistakes and correct it. Ask a teacher or native English speaker to give you a comment on your speaking skills.


  • An excellent way to practice English is to make friends with people who only speak English. Being around them could force you to speak in English than relying to your own language. Maybe you’re having a hard time talking to them at first but you should try for you to be able to catch up all through the conversation. Friends are not there to judge you and your skills instead they are they to help you to enhance your skills.
  • 3. Finding a good English teacher in Singapore is also very crucial. A teacher is always there to help you, trust your teacher and let him/her teach you. Don’t hesitate to ask your teacher if you have any question because the more you ask the more knowledge you will gain.
  • Making mistakes and knowing your weaknesses is an advantage,you will notice the part which you are going to work on. The key is to try not to make the same mistake twice. You can’t avoid criticism but ignore them and let that to be your inspiration to strive more to learn. Your teacher is always there to help you, because his /her goal is to ensure that you achieve and reach your full potential.


  • 4. Talking to a huge crowd makes you feel uncomfortable; why not try speaking English to others in a smaller group like a panel of discussion to build up your confidence. Sharing mistakes or stories that are related to mis-communication so all of you could relate into the topic.As the conversation starts you will just laugh at the same errors you have done and make you feel relieved because you’re not the only one who have errors.

  • 5. There are hundreds of language conversation group online. These websites is an option for you to be able to converse with a native or near-native English speaker. You just need to access programs such as Skype or Google talk, some people uses live chat programs which make things much easier for you to interact. Don’t forget to relax and enjoy the experience.
  • 6. Don’t go overboard because the faster you learn English, the more pressure will come on yourself. Learn English with less pressure and accept errors. To ease the pressure break your goals down into a smaller steps and change your goals.
  • English Mind Map
  • 7. Avoid procrastinating;it’s natural to feel this way but this is not the solution. If you really want to learn strive hard and be motivated. There are three ways to stop procrastinating: Schedule when you will practice English. Reward yourself after gaining an achievement. Find a partner who is also studying English.
  • 8. If you’re not content to the progress and you feel frustrated just remember the fact why you want to learn English. It is a very important reminder to yourself so whenever you feel that way just think about why you’ve started learning it.
  • Learn ENglish

Tips to motivate yourself: first make it visual and set down your goals in English, second Set constant reminders and constantly be reminded about your goal.


Learn English before travelling to Europe

Are you worrying that you might not be able to speak proper English or can’t communicate well with the natives while travelling to Europe countries?

Grand Canal

The English language is a much complex entity than it seems. Its composite structure is improved, deconstructed and revised every waking day conforming with the norms of the worldwide society, hence, the name universal language. What most people do not realize is that learning the English language is a separate effort. And the same goes for learning how to write and to speak using English.

Good thing for people who were born and raised having English as their mother tongue (though some of them still are not that knowledgeable of the language). However, those who were not exposed to the language will have a hard time learning and mastering it. With this in mind, I listed below five of the most important tips I believe can be beneficial for those who wants to learn a better English language.

Attend English classes

I know that this may not apply for everyone but it is undeniably one of the most efficient and fastest ways to learn the language. Knowing how to construct simple sentences using a few English words are not enough when you are to convey much complex thoughts. English classes will be able to help you with that.better english

In classes, you can learn the structural and technical side of English that you cannot learn just by mere practicing. Moreover, classes can help you boost your confidence in using English through interpersonal and intra-personal activities. One of the renowned English Tuition Center in Singapore is BetterEnglishTuition

  1. Read a lot of English writings

Learning how to write effectively using the English language is a very serious and complex process. It requires an immense knowledge on the structure of the language and especially, the stratification of words. In the English language, there is the concept of synonyms and this is where the categorization of words comes in. There is an appropriate word that fall under the standards of what the written piece is.Learn ENglish

The stratification is most apparent on words used on novels, poetry, news and creative writing. To master this, reading a lot of English writings will prove to be an effective way. You can start reading simple and straightforward writings such as news articles and commentaries. After which, you can then proceed on to more difficult readings such as novels and classical entries.

Not only will you be able to learn which words are appropriate to use but your entire vocabulary will also incredibly widen. And importantly, be not ashamed about having a dictionary in arms reach when reading a difficult piece (I was doing this while reading “The Mocking jay” which was a very difficult reading written using the old English).

  1. Watch a lot of English Language movies and drama series

Well this is a tip that is relaxing and educational at the same time. Aside from bolstering your vocabulary through reading, watching movies, television series, and sitcoms are pretty useful too. In this kind of material, you can try and hone your listening skill as well as your understanding of the English language.

study enlgih

Listening plays a crucial part especially in enhancing your speaking skills. It lets you hear how words are pronounced properly as well enunciation, diction and the standards of how the English language is spoken. Also, watching these movies or shows enables you to familiarize certain jargons, idiomatic expressions and slang that could be very useful for yourself.

One additional tip is that if you’re watching, exhaust the power of pause, rewind and resume. It is inevitable that you could not catch up with some of the phrases so you better go back at those. Also, watching with a subtitle would also help a lot especially for those just starting out or are having difficulties understanding the dialogues. Though you must challenge yourself after some time and watch either one movie or episode without the subs and see how well do you understand the plot.

Below is a video on how to improve your English listening skills and it is pretty informative and truthful.

  1. Practice speaking in English

An application of everything you know is the best way to assess whether you are improving or not. Speaking in English fluently is something most people (with a different mother tongue) find difficult. However, constant practice, I will assure you, will get you there.

travel to europe

There are many ways to practice speaking and the most common one is speaking through a mirror. Indeed, this is a very efficient method to practice since you will not be judged by anyone else but yourself and you can shake off the nervousness of making a mistake. Another way is to practice by having conversations. This is a very healthy process to do since it helps both you and the other person to re-enact the way a normal conversation flows using the English language. Also, it creates the sense of casualness on your speaking.

Lastly is through publicly speaking whether in small or large groups. By doing this, you are actually challenging yourself to speak better while learning in the process. You will also be able to pinpoint your weak and strong points through this. And again, an additional tip of mine is to record your performances so you could clearly see the improvement in yourself.

  1. Keep a word of the day notebook

Leaning the English language is a continuous process and it never stops. To keep track of how far you’ve gone, I suggest you go to the nearest school supply center on your place and purchase a notebook. There, you will write every new word you encounter everyday and their meaning. I know this is very useful because admittedly, every one of us encounters a new word almost each day.

The catch is the brain only remembers these words for a few days (2-3 tops) unless repeatedly used. So instead of repeatedly using it, you can always keep them in a list and browse them once in a while. This could be a very fun routine to do and an exciting approach to creating your very own dictionary.


Signs that You are Working Out Too Much and how Zumba can help you recover!

As an almost desk-bounded photographer, I have to do daily exercises to ensure that I’m always moving and keeping fit for my photography work. However, I realized that working out and exercising everyday may not be the best option. What’s more, I realized working out too much may in fact hurt your body.

Then recently, I have a friend who shared with me about Zumba. You may not heard before, and so I will share a bit more with you the benefits of Zumba. If you are a photographer like me, who needs a healthy body for long hours of photography work, this exercise may be suitable for you.

You see, we all want to exercise because it is the healthy way of living. Guys (like me) will want to pack some muscles and abs while the ladies will want to maintain their perfect shape. Sometimes people just take it to the extreme. There is no need to take a toll on your body just because you want to gain muscles. Some people will end up getting injuries for pushing hard on their bodies. Here are more signs that you are working out too much.

Reduced performance

The reason why a person will have reduced performance in terms of working out it is because the body cannot take any more. Most of the weights that you were lifting easily will seem to be hard all of a sudden. This is a sign of fatigue. You need to give your body some time to regain strength. Continuous exercises without a break can make your body shut down completely soon or later. It is advisable that you work out four days a week. Four days are enough to keep you in shape and build muscles without risking any injuries.

Lack of Interest in Exercising

It will reach a time your body does not feel like exercising. This is simply because the mind cannot initiate the urge for exercising probably because of the injuries sustained from the excessive exercising. You will find such people decide to take a sudden break from exercising which might last for months before they can come back to exercising again. Even though a break is good for your body to regain strength, if it becomes more than a month then it is probably something bad happened.

Sudden Mood Changes

People can only get mood swings if the stress in the body is not released. This can be because a person wants to workout but the body cannot. The body is exhausted but the mind is pushing a person to think there is still room for more exercise. Anxiety and confusion are among the emotions that can set in to cause more trouble than expected. At this moment, it will be better to talk your trainer who can develop a good workout schedule that does not involve over working the body.


The issue of insomnia is quite common with people who spend most of their time in the gym. This is simply because by the time you leave the gym; your body is tired and can cause irregular sleeping patterns. This is why people who work out too much will start complaining about lack of sleep or irregular sleeping patterns. Just workout up to what your body can take; there is always next time to train again.

Weakened Immune System

You do not have to put your health in danger simply because you want to gain some muscles. When your body is strained too much, the immune system starts to weaken. This happens because the damage to the body is happening at a faster rate than repairing it.

Taking care of yourself is vital and important, doing too strenuous activity is not good, Zumba is a good alternative workout that can be helpful for those that are recovering from over fatigue. It is a light 60 minute dance workout program and you can control the intensity that you wish to go. It is light movements that helps stretch and at the same time strengthen those muscle.

Try out a beginner zumba class. It is an ideal workout for beginners and people that are recovering from injuries or over fatigue. It is also fun as you get to meet new friends and people, it is a different change from daily routine of bench presses and gym routine that are not fun at all. zumba dance workout for beginners is what I recommend everyone to start off with. Anyway if you are ever looking for zumba classes in singapore feel free to check them out.

Yeap, it’s something like the video below:

Alright guys, do keep yourself healthy yea! I may travel here and there, but that doesn’t give me the excuse not to keep myself fit and healthy!


The Photographer’s Office Workdesk

As a photographer, many people ask how does my office setting looks like? Do I get quality office furniture, or is it just some chairs and tables from outdoor garage sale? If you’ve been working for some time, and need some advice to set up a proper office, then here is a glimpse of what I’ve done to my workplace to make sure I can do my work, but still, didn’t take up too much space.

As you know, I travel to a few places here and there every few years. Hence, it is unwise to invest heavily in office set up, branded furniture, or even a cool working environment that I will leave just after 2-3 years. It is best to keep it just good enough for working, but not too shabby that will hurt your work quality.

For example, when I’m in Singapore, I get my furniture online. I did a search and found this website: and it gives me 6 quotes for a furniture. I also sent in my request to look for quality chairs and tables that are not so expensive. The people over at the other side helped me out and sent the chairs and tables that I bought within days.

Cool, simple, fast.

When I was in China, it was a little challenging, but I still managed to get my stuff. Most things were in Chinese, but luckily, I can get my Chinese friend to help me. He got my tables from Tabao, which is like an eBay of China. He also get it from Alibaba, since he is helping a few friends to get chairs too. Buying in bulk helped me save some money!

alibaba-table china-table

How about computers?

Nah, I bring my own laptop over there. I uses Mac to edit my photographs, and also some editing softwares that I have (alright, I shouldn’t reveal too much of my insider tools here). These stuffs are already in my laptop, and I carry with them wherever I go. But what do changes, is the desktop monitors. As a photographer, I will need big screens for my edit work, and my laptop won’t suffice. A big one will allow me to see pictures clearly, and know how much editing needs to be done.



Not only that, I need 2 or 3 screens for my work for productivity. This is to help me to get my softwares going on, and work flow running smoothly without distraction. For the desktop monitors, I get it from the garage sales outside (if possible), or I may borrow it from my neighbour if they have. I hardly buy a new one since I won’t be using it for long.

What else do I have?

In certain places, I do have a TV set, but it is left by the home owner, and not one that i bring or buy myself. I don’t watch a lot of TV, but it does give me an avenue to relax after my work is over. But again, it depends. The TV might be good, but some TV channels just suck. I only watch English channels, but as you know, there are some countries just don’t have English channels. So now you know why I don’t really care if I have a TV set.

That’s all about my desk!

What can I share with you more? Comment below!


Why do I love to travel every 2 years?

Hi, this will be my first blog post of my blog.

If you had read about my background, you will know that I’m a person who can’t stay in a place for too long. (Thanks Dad!). Yes, since young, I’ve been going to different places, and of course, different schools and different upbringing. This has helped me with my growth (I guess!) and I can say I’m quite a different person.

While many people thought that I will grow up with some difficulties because I don’t have a proper education in a proper place. However, I though otherwise! In fact, I can say I learn more from different countries than most people! Most people want to travel, but they can’t find the time. For me… i have to travel, or I will fall sick!
I don’t want to bore you with my ramblings. Maybe I can share some interesting places and insights I go to.
1. Southeast Asia
One of the places I frequent is southeast asia. Southeast asia comprises of a few countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand.. and many more. And my favorite? Thailand! Oh.. but I don’t speak their language. But thank God, they at least speak some English. The place is comfortable, low cost of living, and easy to navigate. So far, Im still a tourist there. Meaning, I’ve stayed there for less than a year. Thailand – Bangkok will be my next upcoming location!
The other country which I like is Singapore. But the thing is, it is very expensive.. at least to me. The place is clean, transport is easy, and everything is within reach. But again, the cost. It is said to be the most expensive city in the world. Wow…

2. China
China is huge.. huge. Compared to my home land South Africa… China is a hundred or thousand times bigger. Chinese people speak chinese over there. I stayed there before, and of course, I speak some chinese. I look different from them, and some are quite surprised.

They thought I’m from the space or something. But because I can speak a little chinese, like ‘Ni Hao, Wo Shi Gai Wen” (Hi, My name is Galvin), then they are willing to speak to me as a fellow human being. If you are keen to know more about Chinese language, go learn it here.
Plus, this is how speaking the chinese sounds like:

Again, it is an interesting place, and it is growing!

3. South Africa
Of course, I will have to share a little bit about my hometown. I grew up in South Africa. My dad works in a company, and my mum is a housewife. Life back there was simple. We woke up, i help my mum make breakfast and clean the house, while my dad went to work. We had games like football, rugby, stones, dance, and many things. Till today, I see that my country is growing, even though I haven’t return back for some days.
When i saw that my country host the world cup, i’m so excitied, because we are seen as a host country. I saw Nelson Mandela on stage. That’s a great moment. I would love to be back soon.
Alright, that’s about it! Hope to post more here to share more about your journey!