Moving my photography website to a new host in 2016

It’s been a fantastic year for me and my blog. Ever since my blogging journey begins in 2015, my life have changed. I didn’t know that just a simple blog like can get visitors! I’m new to all these online stuff back then and just felt like I want to journey down my discoveries and thoughts every day.

In this past year, I have also learnt a thing or two about these online stuff, just as simple web design and configuration, edit my website settings and all. And something I have found out which I like to share with you, is that I would like to shift my hosting plans in 2016. As my hosting is expiring soon, I want to move over to a new host to get some discounts.

As I started back in early 2015, I don’t know about anything hosting. Hence, I didn’t think so much about choosing host. But this year, I know a lot more, hence, I’m going to shift to hostgator next. I’ll be using hostgator 2016 hosting coupons to get massive discounts for my next plan!

If you don’t know, hosting coupons are the reason why I want to change my plan. They give me the lowest rate ever. Of course, you have to see your own needs as well. My website may be up, but it is not a very famous website that requires top notch hosting. Hence, a cheap and good host is my preference.

Yeap, that’s my little update. If my website is down over the next 6 days, you’ll know why. It is just temporary. I hope you will be back by 2016 though!