How to get cheap accommodation during travelling

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Well.. who does not like to travel! Holidays are one time of the year which everyone looks forward to. In such a hectic and robotic life of today’s world, there is not time for oneself. If we do not take time off work, we can go insane. Work pressure always keeps building up. It needs an out vent so that there is no break down. Study suggests that you need to take a week’s break every three months. A holiday should not be just time away from work. You should utilize this time to travel around the world. Travelling also gives you best shots for photography. Even if you get leaves from the office not everyone can afford to travel to far off places due to the cost attached. Any travel expense contains four parts:
• Conveyance Expense
• Accommodation Expense
• Food Expense
• Shopping Expense
You have a number of options for conveyance and you can select according to your budget; you can travel via ship, train or air. So, this part can be easily controlled. Food expenses are the smallest part of any travel budget. So, we can ignore that. Shopping expense is something which completely depends on us. We should shop based on our budget. Whether you are travelling with family, as a couple or solo, you should never compromise on the hotel quality. If you do not get a good night’s sleep while travelling, your whole holiday can be spoilt. Unless you have an enormous budget that you can afford to rent a seaview condo, lodging expenses can burn a hole in your pocket, if not selected wisely. So, you should try one of these options to reduce your budget:
1. For the same hotel different websites show different prices. Spend some time and search for the cheapest price.
2. There are several home-stays which are available online. Here you can find some of the best off-beat places to spend your holidays.
3. Youth hostel is a great place to stay for backpackers.
4. If you are travelling to a city where you have some relatives of friends, their home can offer you the safest accommodation for free. If you are hesitant about taking it for free, get gifts for their family; or even better treat everyone to a dinner. In this way you can all spend some quality time together and everyone will enjoy this.
5. However the most creative way to save money both on accommodation and travel is to choose overnight journey, especially if you are travelling to a large country like Italy.

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