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Hi, Welcome to my blog.

I guess if you are arrive at my blog, it may be because of my writing or sharing of my articles somewhere in the internet. I think it doesn’t matter. My blog is not a super popular blog, but it is one that I share things that I love. If you are new, here is a short introduction of my self!

Galvin Wombalano


Yes. That’s me. You can call me Jeff, but my official name is Jeff Wombalano. I came from South Africa, but I’m hardy based there. In fact, I left my home town when I’m seven when my dad is working overseas. He works in a big company (as far as I know), so we do travel here and there a few years. He’s a manager and I think he has promoted a few times everywhere he go.

So far, I’ve stayed in China, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, and Egypt. By the way, I’m 46 years old right now, in 2015. I’m still single, (don’t ask me why), but I’m not lonely. I guess I have got used to the adventourous lifestyle. I’ve been moving countries since young, so I guess it is my way of living right now. I’m now in France. Where will I be next? Read my post to find out!

My Job

Because I keep traveling, many people ask what do I do exactly. I’m a freelance photographer. I like to take photos. The first camera I had was when I’m 20 years old. Back then, cameras are so-so. Just good enough to take photos. And it was expensive then. My dad bought it for me and I treasured it for 5 years. Now it is an antique! As I have started working, I have my own set of photography equipment. But thanks to dad who started the interest of photography in me!
Meanwhile, because I also love traveling, and leading a nomad life, I guess I’m blessed to take awesome shots. When I went to Australia, I took photos of the Great Barrier Reef. When I went to China, I had the Great Wall with me. Egypt? The Pyramid. It’s too awesome. You want to photos? I will post them up on my blog soon. Give me time! 😀
That’s a short sharing about me. I will update the blog regularly so that you can follow what I do.

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